Bali has more than temples and luxury villas if you want to know where Bali is and what you can do in Bali. For outdoor enthusiasts, Bali has everything you need for a never-ending adventure. Here is the ultimate Bali guide for adventure seekers to enjoy the most of this paradise island.

Best of adventurous things to do in Bali

Bali Island is relatively small and can be reached within 4 hours ride from the southern to the northern part, from the eastern to the western part. However, though the size is not huge, it is packed with unique culture, friendly people, and beautiful nature to explore. If you are looking for some adventure things to do in Bali, this ultimate Bali guide for adventure will show you an endless list of them, including:

Bali resources on how to explore the island

The activities you want to do might be scattered around the island. For your resource on how to explore Bali, here is the ultimate Bali guide for adventure fans:

Stay safe in Bali

Bali is generally safe compared to other cities in Indonesia. The people are friendly, and the culture is uniquely open – as long as visitors respect the local custom. However, it is best to stay alert, and this is the ultimate Bali guide for adventure to stay safe in Bali: