Just like in other places, we should be aware of when traveling to foreign countries because there is no safest place on earth. Before leaving for Bali, prepare some precautions to stay safe in Bali, including to buy the travel insurance, save the emergency contacts in Bali (hospitals, police, embassy, etc.), keep your important file documents in the cloud or email which you can access everywhere with the internet connection and bring only the copies with you during the trip.

Secure your belongings

In Bali, although the crime rate is not high compared to other cities in Indonesia, you are responsible for your safety when traveling. It is better safe than sorry, so here are some precautions you can do to stay safe in Bali:

  • Always lock your window and door when you are sleeping or leaving your accommodation.
  • Keep your valuable items (including your original passport and travel documents) in the safety box when available; in your locked suitcase or bring them with you if the safety box is not available.
  • When strolling around, keep your money and important stuff in the front-carry pouch.
  • When you see some monkeys (perhaps in some temples), be aware of them, and do not threaten them. Keep your shining kinds of stuff, plastic bag, and accessories (such as jewelry, glasses, or sunglasses) inside your bag to avoid attracting their attention and being grabbed. But if it happens, do not try to pull it back and risking an attack.

Stay safe on the beach

Besides keeping your belongings secure and wearing lots of sunblocks when you are on the beach, there are some inherent risks we should be aware of, including:

  • When relaxing or swimming at the beach, pay attention to the (red) flags which mark the perimeter you must not pass due to dangerous rip or strong currents. Most beaches in Bali are not staffed by lifeguards.
  • In some beaches having the risk for a tsunami, you can see some signs which show on where to run and the safety zone in case there is a tsunami coming – pay attention to these signs and keep them in mind.

Stay safe in Bali road

If you come from the West and visiting Bali, the street and road conditions in Bali – just like in most South East Asia countries – might surprise you. It can be very crowded and packed with vehicles, but you will stay fine if you follow all the signs and drive mindfully.

  • When you have some options for transportations to get around Bali, you have nothing to worry about if you reserve a taxi or rent a car with a local driver who knows about the road situation in Bali.
  • However, if you are thinking of renting and self-driving the scooters, make sure to have some knowledge about traffic and road in Bali before your trip and read about the tips of renting the motorbike and scooter in Bali.
  • When driving (or walking), be aware of the holes and sands on the road as it can cause you the accident. If you are walking in the dark at night, use a torch when necessary.
  • When you are walking by the street or crossing the road in Bali, make sure to stop before crossing, look to the left and right, and listen to your surroundings. Don’t be surprised if sometimes motorbikes can get on the sidewalk, or they keep going even if you are already crossing in the right place – but they will not get you injured as long as you are not running or jumping suddenly.

Adhere to local laws

There are some local rules and etiquette in Bali that you should know to avoid some problems.

  • Drugs are illegal
    The anti-drug law in Indonesia is strict, although, by data, illegal drug use is relatively high in some parts of the country. However, these rules should be taken seriously in Bali as the possession and trafficking of all illegal drugs can carry penalties of imprisonment or even the death penalty.
  • Never drive after drinking alcohol
    This is short and clear.
  • No smoking in public places
    Smoking in public is actually illegal in Bali, therefore pay attention to some “no smoking” signs, which are strictly prohibiting it.

Finally, minimize your risks by relying on your instincts and avoiding somewhere or someone that is suspicious or makes you uncomfortable. Avoid these annoying scams in Bali that tourists should know and learn more from this ultimate Bali guide to plan your trip.