Renting motorbike and scooter in Bali is quite popular, so the price is relatively low, and the rentals are all over the place and can be easily found online. Most of them are AT (automatic) with 100-125 cc engines. If you are thinking of renting a motorbike and scooter in Bali, here are some considerations to keep in mind before doing some reservations.

Requirements for renting motorbike and scooter in Bali

Officially, you will need a valid international driving permit (IDP) to drive, and present it to the police if there is any traffic raid. But the scooter rental companies would usually just need you to fill in the rental form (your name, passport number, country of origin, accommodation address, emergency contact, contact number, etc.) and copy of your passport. You will get a copy of the filled form (usually with their office address and phone number); keep it with you all the time just in case you need it while driving.

After submitting the required documentation, they will usually let you check the motorbike and scooter condition, and brief you some information before handing you the key. The price often includes two helmets and two raincoats, but exclude the insurance, so you might need to arrange your own insurance. Remember to also ask the rental company about the policy for damage. The rental price can be cheaper if you rent for a week or longer.

Pros of renting motorbike and scooter in Bali

Public transportation in Bali hardly exists, though you might be able to find some public shuttle bus from and to major areas in Bali. Therefore, for solo or couple travelers, exploring Bali by motorbike might be the best way to get around and to the paths less traveled.  You can rent the motorbike for a couple of days or the whole stay in Bali, or arrange to pick it up and drop it off at the airport upon appointment with the rental company.

Many narrow roads in Bali only allow motorbike or scooters, but not the car. So if you are driving and renting a motorbike and scooter in Bali, you can go through many shortcuts and save some time to arrive at your destinations. Most motorbikes and scooters also have the mobile phone mount, so it will be easy for you to use the map apps on the go.

Cons of renting motorbike and scooter in Bali

However, the traffic in Bali is quite heavy and complicated. If you are not used to driving in South East Asia, you might need some time and cautions to drive in Bali. But with some knowledge about traffic in Bali, you might be more ready to explore the road.

There are not many travel insurance policies that cover the motorbike accidents, damage, or stolen, and since the insurance is not included in the motorbike rental price, you might need to check to your insurance company and policy.

When there is a traffic-raid, the police most likely will stop the tourists from seeing the international driving license and your rental registration form. As long as you have them and do not violate any rules, you’ll good to go. But if not, be ready to negotiate the fine.

Tips on driving motorbike and scooter in Bali

  • Keep your motorbike key on a chain or lanyard into the motorbike handlebar while driving.
  • Using good helmets are compulsory; make sure it is tightly secured to your head.
  • Use sunscreen and sunglasses.
  • With left-hand traffic, bigger vehicles usually belong to the right line, and motorbikes and scooters should stay on the left line. There are many narrow roads without clear or big signs, so if you are looking for an address and driving by the map, you might need to drive slowly while turning on your left blinker.
  • Changing lines without notice is normal, so go slow. But turn on your blinker (either you want to go left or right) and honk when you want to overtake somebody, so they will notice you are coming. If somebody’s honking and you see the blinker on, keep your speed steady and keep driving straight, as he is trying to warn you to give him the way.
  • Be careful when approaching the intersections, and pay extra attention to the motorbikes coming out from smaller roads as they never stop and never look out to the left or right first.
  • Occasionally, there are holes or sand on the street, so go slow.
  • Never drink (alcohol) and drive!