Nowadays, smartphone is prevalent in our daily life. This gadget indeed enhances the comfort of our everyday routine and makes it easier for us to look up information. Thus, when traveling, having a smartphone in your hand is indispensable. Gone are the days where you bring physical maps and guidebooks; instead, they have replaced by convenient apps in smartphones.

If you want to travel to Indonesia, you might want to know the essential apps that you should have on your phone when traveling. The essential apps provide different functions and services, and some could potentially be a lifesaver. On this page, we list various essential apps that you can use while in Indonesia, ranging from apps to book flights to digital payment apps. Some apps can work offline, but most apps require you to have data or Wi-Fi connection in order to function. It is recommended that you buy a local SIM card or find a Wi-Fi hotspot in Indonesia because some apps require local numbers and roaming charges can be exorbitant. 

Travel / Local


An app for booking AirAsia domestic and international flights.

Travel / Local

Batik Air

An app for booking Batik Air domestic and international flights.

Travel / Local

Garuda Indonesia

An app for booking Garuda Indonesia domestic and international flights.



Ride-hailing app for motorcycle and cars, also offers food delivery and logistic service.

Maps / Navigate

Google Maps

The replacement for your physical map, it can even work when your device is offline.


Google Translate

If you are not fluent in Indonesian, you will find this translator app useful.

Digital Payment


Part of Gojek, this app allows you to pay for various things using QR code or mobile number.



Southeast Asia’s choice of ride-hailing and food delivery app also works in Indonesia.

Travel / Local

Lion Air

An app for booking Lion Air domestic and international flights.


My Blue Bird Taxi

An app to order Blue Bird taxi service, one of the best taxis in Indonesia.

Digital Payment


Digital payment app which allows you to pay using QR Code or mobile number.

Travel / Local

An all-in-one app that you can use to book hotels, flights, and more.

Travel / Local


An app for booking flights, hotels, restaurants, entertainments, and so on; the possibilities are endless.

Maps / Navigate


Navigating around Indonesia could never be easier with this app.

Travel / Local


Restaurant reviews and recommendations can be found here.

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