Embassies & Consulates

Welcome to the Embassies and Consulates page.

Select your country from the list above to find the address of Indonesian embassies and/or consulates in your country. Read more on this page to find out the difference between the consulate and the embassy.

Embassy of Indonesia - Washington, D.C. USA
Embassy of Indonesia
Washington, D.C. USA

As a traveler looking forward to your visit to Indonesia, you can ask assistance from the Indonesian Embassy or consulates. Both places are the representative offices of Indonesia located overseas.

Typically, an Embassy functions as a country government’s representative in the capital, whereas a consulate is located in other economically important cities. Their function is mostly the same; however, consulates do not have the diplomatic function, unlike embassies, such as negotiating and interacting with the host government. Not every country has an Indonesian Embassy, but it could have an Indonesian consulate.

However, if you simply need to apply for an Indonesian visa, both the Indonesian Embassy and consulates will be able to issue them as long as you fulfill the requirements.

Knowing the location of the Indonesian Embassy and consulates will help you to apply for an Indonesian visa, and even getting to know Indonesia better through their social & cultural activities and events, such as the Indonesian Independence Day celebration, Javanese Gamelan class, Bahasa Indonesia course, etc. Visit our Visa and Immigration page to know more about the type of visa you need for a trip to Indonesia.

For detailed and most updated information on a particular office, please visit that office's website or contact it directly as the information is subject to change without notice.

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