Geographically, Raja Ampat is located in the northwest tip of West Papua, Indonesia. Consisting of thousands of small islands and some unique caves, also as a part of Coral Triangle, Raja Ampat is a popular destination for its heavenly beaches and pristine underwater marine life. With a tropical climate, it has a dry season between October-April and wet season with winds during June-September.

To reach Raja Ampat, you can fly to Sorong airport, then get transferred to Sorong harbor, and take the ferry to Waisai, Raja Ampat’s capital. From Waisai, you can find the accommodation or your transfer to another smaller island is usually arranged by the accommodation you’re staying at using the speed boat.

Please note that to visit Raja Ampat, you are required to purchase and always bring along the Raja Ampat entrance tags, whose fees are used to support the conservation and community projects. This tag is valid for one calendar year, and can be purchased at Raja Ampat Marine office in several areas, including airport, the Je Meridien Hotel in Sorong, or local dive operators. Be prepared with some cash, as there is no ATM on small islands, though some hotels accept debit or credit card payments.

Best Things to Do in Raja Ampat

Among one of the best tropical archipelago on earth, these are the best things to do in Raja Ampat:

  • Scuba diving to explore one of the most biodiverse marine ecosystems on planet. Encounter the manta rays, reef sharks, wobbegong sharks, nudibranch species you’ve never seen, or pelagic fishes on their habitat
  • Jumping to snorkel from the wooden jetty on any islands
  • Kayaking in Misool or Dampier Strait region
  • Bird watching and observe wildlife in the forest
  • Caving, either on the land or underwater
  • Trekking in Waisai, varies from 1-4 nights with basic accommodations
  • Island hopping or sailing between the smaller islands
  • Enjoying the sunrise and sunset from the jetty or white sandy beach overlooking the wide-open ocean
  • Explore Wayag archipelago, including trekking to Harfat Peak
  • Stepping up to the peak of the Pianemo Island
  • Meet the local in Arborek tourism village
  • Having fresh seafood and coconut!

Top Destinations around Raja Ampat

Apart from the activities, you can do in Raja Ampat, here are some top destinations you should check out:

  • Wayag archipelago
  • Pianemo Island
  • Misool (home to ancient rock paintings)
  • Arborek Village
  • Sawinggrai Villages
  • Batanta Island Waterfall
  • Manta Point
  • Kabui Bay
  • Cape Kri
  • Hornbill Island
  • Dampier Strait
  • Gam
  • Kofiau

Accommodation in Raja Ampat

In Raja Ampat, most basic accommodations are homestays, which are the cheapest you can find, among other options here. However, due to the remote area of Raja Ampat, with the same price, it doesn’t offer the same standards as other accommodations in more popular destinations such as Thailand, Bali, or others in South East Asia.

You can find middle and middle-up range accommodations in Waisai, such as Waiwo Dive Resort, TPK48 Dive Resort, Meos Ambower Homestay Raja Ampat, BAU Homestay, or Erens Guest House. If you are keen on staying in naturally luxury accommodations on the tropical island, you can try Raja Ampat Dive Resort, Cove Eco Resort, Papua Paradise Eco Resort, Misool Eco Resort, Kri Eco Resort, Sorido Bay Resort, Cove Eco Resort.