Indonesia's Travel Requirements

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Entry prerequisites for Indonesia in 2024

It's always good to be prepared when traveling to a foreign country - and Indonesia is no exception. Make sure you have the following to meet Indonesia's Travel Requirements.

Passport Requirements

  • Make sure your passport is valid for at least 6 months from your entry date.
  • It’s also advisable to have a few blank pages in your passport to accommodate visa stamps and entry/exit stamps.
  • Temporary passports or travel documents are not accepted for entry into the country.

Indonesian Visa

  • Before traveling, make sure your visa is valid for the intended duration of your stay in Indonesia.
  • Verify that you have the correct type of visa for your purpose of visit (tourism, business, work, etc.).
  • Have all required paperwork ready, including any application forms and supporting documents. For e-VOA, it’s advisable to have digital copies as well as hard copies of the necessary documents, in case of any technical issues or system glitches.
  • If applying for a Visa on Arrival, make sure you have enough money in the appropriate currency to pay the visa fee upon arrival.
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Return or Onward Flight Ticket

  • Keep a printed or electronic copy of your return or onward ticket readily available during your travel to Indonesia. This will enable you to present it promptly if requested by immigration authorities.
  • Airlines may also request this proof before allowing passengers to board flights bound for Indonesia.

Custom Declaration

  • You can save time by filling out the customs declaration form online before departure.
  • Alternatively, you can fill it out upon arrival at the airport.
  • Upon completion, you’ll receive a QR code, which you should present it to Indonesian customs officials.
Electronic Custom Declaration

Frequently Asked Questions

Visa information and more. Get ready to explore with confidence!
  • Do I need a visa to travel to Indonesia?

    Yes, most visitors to Indonesia require a visa to enter the country. However, there are certain exemptions and visa-free policies based on your nationality. 

    If you’re from one of the following ten (10) countries, you can visit Indonesia without a visa for up to 30 days, but only for tourism. The applicable countries are Brunei Darussalam, Cambodia, Laos, Malaysia, Myanmar, Philippines, Singapore, Thailand, Timor Leste, and Vietnam.

  • What is VOA (Visa on Arrival)?

    VOA stands for Visa on Arrival. It is a type of visa that allows eligible travelers to obtain a visa upon their arrival at Indonesian airports or seaports. VOA is generally valid for 30 days and can be extended.

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  • What is e-VOA (Electronic Visa on Arrival), and who is eligible?

    E-VOA, or Electronic Visa on Arrival, is an online visa application system introduced by the Indonesian government. Eligible travelers can apply for an e-VOA before their trip, streamlining the visa application process and saving time upon arrival.

    Sign up from the official immigration website.

  • Can I enter to Indonesia without a Visa?

    Some nationalities are eligible for visa-free entry or visa exemptions for short visits. However, the duration of stay and specific requirements may vary. You can find more detailed information on this page, “Tourist Visa“. 

  • How much is Indonesian Visa on Arrival?

    The cost of the Indonesian Visa on Arrival varies depending on your nationality. As of September 2021, the fee for most countries is IDR 500.000, approx USD 35. However, verifying the updated visa fee beforehand is crucial, as it might change.

  • What are the new visa rules to Indonesia?

    Visa regulations can change, and it’s essential to stay updated. Please refer to the Indonesian embassy or consulate in your country or visit the Indonesian Ministry of Foreign Affairs official website for the latest visa rules and regulations. To find the Indonesian embassy in your country, please use this link

  • Can I get Visa on Arrival in airport?

    Yes, Visa on Arrival can be obtained at major international airports and seaports in Indonesia. Ensure you have the necessary documents and the visa fee in cash for a smooth process.

  • What are the document requirements for obtaining a Visa on Arrival?

    To obtain a Visa on Arrival, you will need a valid passport with a minimum of six months validity, a return or onward ticket, and payment for the visa fee in cash (IDR 500.000, approx USD 35).

  • Do I need to provide proof of accommodation or return flight tickets for entry into Indonesia?

    Yes, as part of the Visa on Arrival requirements, you will need to provide proof of onward or return flight tickets. Make sure you have the necessary documentation before your trip.

  • How to get a Visa Extension in Indonesia

    If you wish to extend your stay in Indonesia, you can apply for a visa extension at the local immigration office. It’s advisable to begin the extension process well before your current visa expires to avoid any penalties or issues.

  • Is it currently possible to visit Bali, Indonesia?

    Yes, you can. While many COVID-related restrictions have been lifted, it’s important to note that not everything has returned to pre-pandemic conditions. Visa regulations are being updated and subject to frequent changes.

  • Do I need Medical Travel Insurance?

    While medical travel insurance is not mandatory for entering Indonesia, it is highly recommended. Having comprehensive travel insurance ensures you are financially protected in any unforeseen medical emergencies or travel-related incidents.

  • How much cash can I bring to Indonesia?

    Visitors to Indonesia are allowed to bring up to IDR 100.000.000 (100 million) Indonesian Rupiah or other currency in an equivalent amount.

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