Komodo Island indeed has more than Komodo Dragon to attract tourists from around the world. Surrounded by the ocean and many beautiful islands, it is also becoming the top destination for scuba divers. If you wish to see the Komodo Dragon, this essential guide will help you to plan a trip to Komodo Island.

Getting there

If you plan to see the ancient Komodo Dragon, you will most likely need to fly from Bali to Labuan Bajo (around 45 minutes flight from Bali) then take the boat to Komodo Island. All year long is mostly good to travel there unless from January to February when the monsoon starts.

If you choose to stay in Labuan Bajo, you can also visit the nearby islands and beaches around Labuan Bajo, and spend the rest of the day relaxing in the best massage and spas in Labuan Bajo.

Encounter Komodo Dragon

Many travel operators have the tour service to Komodo Island, either for a day trip from Labuan Bajo or for a liveaboard boat. However, you might need to get prepared to see the Komodo Dragon. This useful Komodo Island and Komodo Dragon facts might be useful when you plan a trip to Komodo Island.

Things to do around Komodo Islands

Besides to see the Komodo Dragon, there are many other things to do around Komodo, including:

  • Snorkeling and scuba diving around Komodo National Park, including in the Pink Beach and other top Komodo dive sites to explore. You can book the dive trip from the dive operators based in Labuan Bajo or from the liveaboard operators.
  • Beach and island hopping to some of the best islands and beaches around Komodo Island, including to hike to the famous Padar Island to get the best overview of Komodo Island.
  • Try the best authentic local food in Komodo Island and Flores, and these tips on eating in Indonesia might be helpful.
  • Visiting other parts of Flores Island, including Wae Rebo Village and Kelimutu Lake.

Tips for visiting Komodo Island

When you plan a trip to Komodo Island, get some tips to enjoy the most of your trip, such as: