Labuan Bajo, a base to visit Komodo Island, is somewhere you can unwind after arrival and before your departure. This fishing village has a lot to offer, including the surrounding islands and beaches in Labuan Bajo you can explore. After returning from your beach, you might want to have some massage and spa sessions in Labuan Bajo to relax and refresh.

Besides the hill where you can see the entire harbor and town, Labuan Bajo also has some beaches in Labuan Bajo and nearby islands to chill under the tropical sunshine.

Pantai Waecicu

Waecicu Beach is known as one of the quiet beaches in Labuan Bajo. Some resorts are located in this area, including Ayana Komodo Resort, Planarian Komodo Beach Resort, Sylvia Hotel & Resort Komodo, and Waecicu Beach Inn. It has a quiet relaxing atmosphere though some trashes are reported to land on the beach during a particular season. Bring your snorkeling gear or rent a kayak from a nearby restaurant.

Pulau Kukusan

This nearby island is located close to Pantai Waecicu, so you should hire a pump boat to explore the island. The friendly locals staying on the island would feel you most welcome. However, it is no spot to do a relaxing sunbathing if you hope so, but the life of the locals can be a unique thing to see as well.

Pantai Wae Rana

Located near Ayana Komodo Resort, Pantai Wae Rana is one of the beaches in Labuan Bajo with a white sand beach close to the main road. It has a beautiful view of the blue ocean, staying on the same beachline as Waecicu Beach.

Pantai Pede

This local beach is located in front of La Prima Hotel and has some eating areas for the hotel guests. It is a good spot for sunbathing and relaxing in the water. However, during a particular season, it can be swamped with trashes from the sea.

Kampung Ujung

Kampung Ujung is a 250m (820 ft.) long seaside avenue nearby the harbor where plenty of street food stalls line up and sell fresh seafood caught from the sea and local cuisines at affordable prices. Besides walking along with the street market or having dinner with a sea view, you can also just chill out for sunset in this spot and sometimes enjoy live music from local musicians. During the day, you can explore and buy from the fish market on the corner of Kampung Ujung, and they have a great selection of seafood at excellent prices.

Pulau Bidadari

Literally means “Angel Island”, Pulau Bidadari serves as a popular day trip destination from Labuan Bajo – though there is also an upper-range resort on the island to reserve. Surrounded by greenery hills and trees, this island has a white sandy beach island with clear seawater and is ideal for snorkeling and easy diving and can be reached within only 30 minutes by local boat or 10 minutes by speed boat from the port of Labuan Bajo. Some diving or snorkeling package also includes Pulau Bidadari as one of the destinations and beaches in Labuan Bajo to explore.