Indonesia’s Yogyakarta (or Jogja, or Yogya) is never short of unique locations. From historical reliefs to the modern malls, you’ll never run out of place to visit.

If you want a combination of both historical sites and modern touch, Jalan Malioboro (Malioboro Street) is the perfect place for you. Located at the center of the region, Malioboro is considered the heart of the city’s tourist attraction. There are lots of activities there you can try! Since we can’t list all of them, here are ten things you can do in Jalan Malioboro:

Visit Kraton

Yogyakarta is a unique region known for its monarchy system. Ever since ancient times, the monarch (currently under the reign of Sultan Hamengkubuwono X) and his activities mostly centered in Kraton, another name for the palace.

Although the palace is only used for religious, cultural, and monarchy’s internal events now, visitors can enter and look around at Kraton’s stunning construction. You can also learn about the sovereignty of the historic items displayed in several buildings of the palace. If you’re lucky, you might even be able to see the wayang (traditional shadow puppet) performance!

Check Out Taman Sari

If the scorching sun started to get into your head, maybe it’s time to visit Taman Sari. You won’t be able to bathe there, but at least you’ll know where the first monarch used to rest. Besides the bathing complex, the castle is decked with other carved buildings that will take your breath away. If you go further, you’ll see the famous elevated platform inside the castle. Definitely the perfect place for a selfie!

Roam around with Becak

Becak, or pedicab, is local transportation used before motorcycles and cars took over. Although they are no longer used commercially, becak thrives in Malioboro thanks to its historical value. What’s even better, you can ride them! So sit back, take a selfie, and feel the breeze of Malioboro as the pedaler takes you to your destination!

Watch Wayang at Sonobudoyo Museum

If you miss the wayang (shadow puppet) performance at Kraton, don’t worry because they also have them at Museum Sonobudoyo. Located not far from Kraton, the museum is decked not only with historical items but also ancient manuscripts and traditional wayang. The manuscripts are in the library, so you can read them anytime you want. They also have their guides that will help you understand the manuscripts and historical items better.

The highlight, however, is the daily wayang performance. Each performance has its own story that is mostly based on Hindu mythology. Since wayang is one of Indonesia’s cultural heritage, you cannot skip this performance!

Masangin on Alun-Alun Selatan

Need some luck? Maybe you should do “masangin” on Alun-Alun Selatan (southern square) where the twin banyan trees stand. Rumor has it that you’ll get good luck if you pass between the banyan trees with your eyes closed (masangin). Whether the luck is true or not, we know one thing – doing masangin will leave a sense of satisfaction in your heart!

Shopping on the sidewalk of Jalan Malioboro and Pasar Beringharjo

If you need some souvenirs, it’s time for you to hit the main road. Jalan Malioboro’s path is filled with street vendors trying to sell their merchandise. You’ll never run out of souvenir ideas because the street is filled with everything, from fridge magnets to gold.

For batik, the staple of Javanese culture, you can go to Pasar Beringharjo (Beringharjo traditional market) and find the batik that suits your style. If you want the taste of the local experience, you can persuade the seller to give the best price for you. You can get 50% off if you’re persistent.

Watch Raminten Cabaret Show

There’s no need to go to Paris for Moulin Rouge because you can watch one in Yogya! The local cabaret show is held on Fridays and Saturdays at Hamzah Batik Malioboro. With less than $10, the cabaret will show you the sensational performance you can only get in Yogya. Make sure you book at least two months before the production since the show is always packed.

Marvel at the Beauty of Tugu

If you haven’t seen Tugu, one of the symbols of the city, then you haven’t been to Jogja. The medium-sized monument sits nicely in the middle of the crossroad, with local tourists eagerly take pictures in front of it. You’ll have to be patient to take pictures there since the monument is always crowded. If you prefer to enjoy the view from afar, you can always opt for the cafe across the monument. Just make sure to bring extra cash for that.

Listen to Street Musicians

During your hunt on Jalan Malioboro at night, sometimes you might come across musicians singing or playing instruments on the sidewalk. Please don’t be scared; it is common for musicians to show off their skills and earn extra money in Malioboro. If you come across such a scene, why not stop for a while and enjoy the performance? You can even request a song, as long as you pay for it. 

Taste Kopi Joss

Can coffee sizzle? In Jogja, yes, it can! Kopi Joss is a charcoal-dipped coffee that can be found near Tugu station. The street vendor sells not only sizzling coffee but also local delicacies. It’s the perfect way to end your Malioboro tour. Sit on the matt and see the excitement of bubbly coffee accompanied by local snacks!

With the itinerary above, you can enjoy a day full of rich cultural experience and adventurous travel. Where else can you do this beside Jalan Malioboro?