Yogyakarta is a land of wonders as you can find everything there, from the most ancient temples to unique delicacies. However, exploring Yogyakarta can be difficult if you bring your family, as sometimes children cannot bear the heat and distance of the city. If the children are starting to feel uncomfortable, it’s time to bring them to some of the family attractions in Yogyakarta. They are not only children-friendly but also great places to strengthen the bond between family members.

Ice Cream World

If your children have a sweet tooth, Ice Cream World will be a must-try. Ice Cream World is the combination of a cafe, playground, and Instagram-able spots all in one place. Children can admire the colorful decorations as well as play in the ball pit. When they’re hungry, the cafe is ready to serve them some ice cream.

Teddy Bear World

Kids can never say never to teddy bears and toys. So when they ask you for some teddies during your Yogyakarta trip, you can visit Teddy Bear World to fulfill their wish.

Teddy Bear World is filled with nothing but teddies. There are so many teddies to the point where all six sections are full of the furry doll. Thankfully, the staff arranges them neatly, making them such great photo spots.

Kids Fun

Kids Fun is one of the few playgrounds available in the region of Yogyakarta. The playground has everything needed for kids to have a blast. From kids rides, family rides to thrill rides, this place has it all, and not to forget the “aquasplash”, a small water park too. Don’t worry about having the family’s fun time interrupted, as there are cafes and food stalls ready to serve you.

Upside Down World

Upside Down World truly lives up to its name. All the furniture and kitchen appliances in this photo spots are arranged in such a way that it will look upside down when you take pictures. There’s no need to worry about authenticity, as everything in this place is real. You will find some guides available to help you with taking pictures with your camera or smartphones.

Taman Pintar

Learning can be fun and playful, and Taman Pintar is living proof of that. In Taman Pintar, children not only play but also learn new things. The playground designer designed the games in such a way that children will also learn as they play. Everything is presented in such an exciting way that children won’t feel like learning.

Don’t worry about the equipment, because everything is top-notch in Taman Pintar. They use the latest equipment and try to provide the most modern technology in their games. Touchscreen, virtual reality, and others ‒ you will find them integrated into the kids’ games perfectly.

Gembira Loka Zoo

If your kids are into animals, then Gembira Loka Zoo is the perfect place for you. Located not far from Taman Pintar, Gembira Loka has lots of animals that reside in the tropical country of Indonesia.

When you visit Gembira Loka, don’t forget to bring some snacks and water. The area is pretty vast, and you will definitely get tired of walking. There are some gazebos you can stop by when want to take a short break. Food stalls are also available, but the food and drinks there are pricey.

Kampoeng Dolanan Pandes

Kampoeng Dolanan Pandes means “a village to play in Pandes,” and the place stays true to its name. In Kampoeng Dolanan, our children will be introduced to one of the most ancient things they have ever experienced: traditional games.

The primary purpose of this village is to let children experience the things we have experienced before, which is playing with others without gadgets. Besides playing traditional games, your family can also learn how to create those classic games. So if you miss the classic games in your home country, you can always create them by yourself.

Sindu Kusuma Edupark

Sindu Kusuma Edupark is another playground besides Kids Fun that you can visit while you are in Yogyakarta. Sindu is closer to the city rather than Kids Fun. However, people tend to visit before sunset, as the place gets hot in the afternoon. So if you have some spare time, you can opt to visit the playground in the evening.

Sindu Edupark’s main highlight is its Ferris wheel. You can see the entire city if you’re at the top of the Ferris wheel. There are also performances at times, such as live music or dances.

Jogja Bay Pirates

Is the heat in Yogyakarta catching up to you and your family? If that’s the case, then it’s time for you to go to Jogja Bay Pirates. Jogja Bay is one of the most renowned waterparks in Yogyakarta. There are at least nine water slides in the area, so your family will be busy for a while trying them out.

The main highlight of the waterpark is “How to Survive in Tsunami and Earthquake,” a simulation where visitors can feel the waves caused by tsunamis and earthquakes. Don’t worry about safety, as there are professional guards ready to help you during the simulation.

Besides the tsunami simulation, there are also musical and educational performances every Sunday to keep the children entertained.

Museum & Factory by Chocolate Monggo

In Chocolate Monggo’s museum and factory tour, you create your own dessert. The kids will be given a tour of the place and learn the process of making chocolate. Then, they will make their own chocolate right away after their exploration. With a low price, kids will learn about chocolate and get to make their own sweet dessert. It’s not a bad deal, isn’t it?

No Excuse for No Family Time! There are lots of family attractions in Yogyakarta you can do with your family. Don’t let the heat stop you and your family from exploring one of the most cultural regions in the country.