Jakarta is the capital city of Indonesia that is bustling with life and activities. It’s a city that never sleeps, as there’s a neverending cycle of things to do in Jakarta. Going out with friends at the bars is one of the activities that can be done in the evening. If you’re planning to have a fun weekend night with your friends, we have the list of bars in Jakarta you can go to.

Jaya Pub

Jaya Pub is what you would consider the original bar in the city, as it is the oldest bar opened in Jakarta. The bar is famous for its western and old-fashioned ambiance. When you enter the bar, you will be welcomed by classic paintings of notable figures such as Marilyn Monroe, Elvis Presley, the Beatles, and others. Not long after, a waitress decked with a white shirt and black vest ‒ a European bar-style uniform ‒ will welcome you and find the perfect seat for your group.

As you drink and converse with your friends, you will be accompanied by the soft tone of jazz music to make you feel as if you’re in the 70s. Besides drinking and eating, You can try out the pool table as you listen to live music that starts around 9PM. Following the bar’s vintage theme, the band plays out classic songs such as The Police’s songs. So if you’re are passionate about vintage, Jaya Pub is worth a try.


If you stay near Senopati (an area famous for its high-class and modern bars), Lola is definitely a bar you should check out. Lola is one of the bars that stands out among the rest thanks to its focus on Latin American cuisine. The bar is also famous for its out-of-the-world cocktails and Mexican-style decoration. Although Lola might not exactly be in Latin America, it can bring your group one step closer to understanding Latin American cuisine.

Beer Garden Kemang

If you’re looking for one of the famous bars in Jakarta, it’s time to stop and drive to Beer Garden. Beer Garden is a well-known bar with several branches, and the Kemang branch is the busiest branch of the bar.

Just as the name states, Beer Garden emphasizes on the concept of “garden” and “beer.” In Beer Garden, you’ll be able to enjoy food, music, and beer accompanied by fresh greeneries of the plants surrounding the bar. Nobody knows why the bar is always bustling with visitors. Maybe it’s the triple combination of good food, music, and beer. Perhaps it’s the fresh feeling one gets seeing the greeneries, which is the opposite feeling of Jakarta’s daily routine. Maybe it’s both?

Hause Rooftop

Beer Garden is not the only bar that carries that combines the concept of alcohol and garden. Hause Rooftop also emphasizes on the two concepts, with the additional factor of the rooftop. In fact, the combination of garden, drink, and rooftop is the reason why Hause Rooftop never runs out of customers. The bar has a distinctive concept where the restaurant is “turned” into a mini garden, making it look as if customers are eating in a garden in the middle of a rooftop. If you want to feel the breeze of Jakarta up above while seeing the shimmering lights of the city, Hause Rooftop is the bar where you should go.

The Dutch

The Dutch’s name originated from the country of its owner, the Dutch chef Chris Moes. The bar located in Senopati is decked in the European concept. Every corner of The Dutch screams European, form its furniture to the cutlery. Since the theme is the West, don’t be surprised to find western dishes such as sausages and lunch meats.

Lucy in the Sky

No, this is not a screening of the American movie with the same name as the bar’s name. Lucy in the Sky is another rooftop bar beside Hause Rooftop located in SCBD. Lucy in the Sky has everything needed for a decent bar. It has the entree that can fill your hunger before drinking the alcoholic beverage of the bar. The place can be crowded on weekends, so it’s best to reserve the table first.

Melly’s Garden Bar & Resto

If you’re a lover of alcohol, you must visit Melly’s Garden Bar & Resto. The bar is famous for its unique liquor menu. There, you’ll find a variety of liquor shots that has unique combinations that you must try. At least, it’s one of the few places where you can find a jello shot.

If you’re afraid of spending too much money, don’t worry because the dishes in Melly’s are rather inexpensive. They also offer local snacks that can be eaten while you drown yourself in their shots.

Yesterday Backyard

Have you ever drank in a garage? If you haven’t, you can try doing it in Yesterday Backyard. The bar and restaurant in Fatmawati have a unique interior concept of a garage. Don’t worry, there’s no oil whatsoever. Instead, you’ll see several Vespas, number plates, and alloy wheels that can be used for the perfect photo spots. In fact, you can book the place for photoshoots!

Besides the unique design, Yesterday Backyard is also famous for its delectable dishes. Although the restaurant mainly serves Italian dishes, there are also several local and Asian dishes for those who prefer Eastern food. Many claim that all the recipes in Yesterday Backyard are tasty, though, so there’s no harm in trying all of them.

Good Time with Friends

There are lots of bars with different themes and ambiance in Jakarta, and the eight bars mentioned above are only a portion of it. The amount of bars in Jakarta means that you can pick the one most suitable for you and your friends, or you can go bar hopping all over the city. Whichever option you want to select, you’ll definitely have a blast with your friends.