Gili Islands (Gili Trawangan, Gili Meno, and Gili Air) and Lombok are located just around 45 minutes up to 2 hours from Bali, making it very ideal and accessible for your upcoming holiday destinations. After enjoying your time in these islands, you might want to bring Lombok souvenir back home to remind of the island life, or just simply for your loved ones at home. Here is some recommended Lombok souvenir you can bring back home.

Fabrics and textiles

Lombok has unique fabrics and textiles named Ikat and Songket with Lombok authentic pattern, traditionally made by skillful women in Lombok. The most common ikat items are shirts, sarongs, dresses, or wall hanging decorations.

Some places allow you to see the making process, which is very complicated and time-consuming – including the traditional dye for coloring – therefore the price for handmade ones are more expensive than the factory’s made. You can get these fabrics and textiles in the village of Sukarara in central Lombok, Sasak Dede village in south Lombok, or some places in Kuta like Sade village.

Lombok pearl

High-quality pearl is very popular for Lombok souvenir, where one of the centers is on the western part of the island, including in Sekarbela area of Mataram, Sayang-Sayang, Teluk Nare, or Senggigi. Made into beautiful necklaces, earrings, bracelets, or home decorations, these pearls also come with Certificate of Authenticity, ensuring that the item is made with 100% genuine high-quality cultured pearls – if you shop in legit shops.


If you are into unique tableware or home decorations, then Lombok souvenir is something you should get to bring back home. Lombok has highly known for its intricate patterns and authentic designs, making its pottery unique. The highlight for Lombok souvenir is Kendi Maling, a water jug pottery which is quite popular in the village of Banyumulek, where most hotels order the decorations from. Another pottery products you can buy back home are the ashtrays, pots, candle holders, etc. – all at affordable prices.


Cukli is another unique Lombok souvenir and crafts, combining the wood and shells in the making process – the wood is carved into some products like sculptures, masks, and many other things, while the seashells are used as the decorations by implanting them into the wood. This Lombok souvenir requires more skills and time, making it relatively costly. You can get this Lombok souvenir in Sayang-Sayang village.

Woven basket handicraft

Called as ‘ketak‘ in the local language, the woven crafts in Lombok are made into women’s handbags, placemats, home decorations, even furniture. You can get this Lombok souvenir in the village of Beleka, where you can also the making process from the wild grass.


This one definitely needs more efforts to bring back home, but the furniture in Lombok can be a great piece of Lombok souvenir. The vendor can make it fully custom made from 100% organic material based on your request and help you to ship and deliver it to your home. If you are looking for the ones with rattan raw materials, then you can come to Beleka village.