Night markets in Bali are truly the authentic spots to experience how the locals live, particularly in terms of the delicious street food and to buy inexpensive stuff. They are usually open in the late afternoon till late evening, with plenty of vendors selling diverse stuff, including food, clothes, toys, accessories, snacks, offerings, etc. The vibrant atmosphere, the art of bargaining, and the exciting new things you might have never seen are some of the reasons why you should look into these best night markets in Bali.

Shindu Night Market

Located in Sanur, Shindu Night Market is one of the most popular night markets in Bali. During the day, this market is a fresh traditional market for local people, selling fresh fruits, fresh vegetables, fresh local meat, and some authentic Balinese snacks called ‘Jaje Bali‘. Starting from the late afternoon at 6 PM, transformed into the night market with some food vendors begin to set up their stalls, getting ready to sell the food to customers.

Although the night market is well known among the locals, you can see many tourists coming to this Shindu Night Market Sanur due to its popularity. Here, you can try a lot of local foods available, such as fried rice (nasi goreng), fried noodle (mie goreng), chicken skewers (sate ayam), lamb skewers (sate kambing), lamb curry (gulai kambing), suckling pig (babi guling), yellow spiced chicken soup (soto ayam), chicken porridge (bubur ayam), Indonesian vegetable salad with peanut sauce (gado-gado), meatballs soup (bakso), stuffed pancake (martabak), sweet Indonesian pancake (martabak manis), iced fruit cocktail dessert (es buah), deep-fried snacks (gorengan), Javanese mixed rice (nasi campur), Balinese dessert (jaje Bali), etc. Besides food, some vendors also sell toys, clothes, and some other things at affordable prices. There is no entrance fee, and parking is available just outside the market.

Kreneng Night Market

In the center of Denpasar city, Kreneng serves one of the best local night markets in Bali with all the food stalls and carts, offering the delicious Indonesian and Balinese local favorite dishes, alongside various Javanese food. Besides food, it is also popular among locals for its reasonably priced clothes, bags, toys, etc. If you are interested in visiting this market, please keep in mind that most sellers might not be able to speak English.

Gianyar Night Market

Gianyar Night Market is also one of the famous night markets in Bali. Located around 20 minutes from Ubud and 60 minutes from Denpasar / Sanur, it is well known for its culinary, besides authentic Indonesian food, you can also find Balinese local’s favorite ‘babi guling‘ (suckling pig), and ‘lawar kuwir‘ – an authentic Balinese dish with duck and rich mixture of vegetables, herbs, and spices. Not only food, but the market also sells a wide variety of toys and jewelry, clothes, household tools, etc. It is open at 5 PM late afternoon, and various food vendors close at 10 PM up till 2 AM. In the mobile map application, you can refer it to ‘Pasar Senggol Ginyar‘ to find it.