WhatsApp is one of the main communication tools for Indonesian people to communicate, from personal to business. It’s widely used on many levels.

Need to book a table at a popular restaurant, arrange transportation, or inquire about local tours? Many businesses in Bali have embraced WhatsApp as a quick and efficient way to communicate with customers.

So if you haven’t use it already, installing WhatsApp is beneficial when you need to communicate to local business in Indonesia.

When you register with WhatsApp, we can utilize audio/video call to communicate, not only text messages.

Can I Use My Phone in Bali?

Absolutely, you can use your phone in Bali. The island has a well-developed network infrastructure that supports international roaming for most mobile carriers. However, to ensure a smooth experience and avoid hefty charges, planning ahead and exploring alternative options is recommended.


  • Local SIM Card: Upon arrival, consider getting a local SIM card for cost-effective data usage and easy WhatsApp access.
  • International Roaming: Contact your mobile carrier to learn about international roaming packages and rates before you travel.
  • Wi-Fi Availability: Many accommodations, cafes, and public spaces offer free Wi-Fi, enabling you to use WhatsApp when connected to these networks. Take advantage of WhatsApp’s Wi-Fi calling features to make international calls to friends and family without incurring extra charges.

Unveiling the WhatsApp Advantage with Local Services

In Bali, using WhatsApp can greatly benefit interactions with local service providers. Many local tour guides, drivers, and restaurants favor WhatsApp over email or text messaging for its real-time communication capabilities and cost-efficiency.


  • Tour Guide Connections: Establish direct contact with local tour guides through WhatsApp to customize your tour, seek recommendations, and clarify details.
  • Smooth Transportation: Arrange rides and communicate with local drivers via WhatsApp, ensuring punctuality and minimizing language barriers.
  • Seamless Dining: Contact restaurants through WhatsApp for reservations and inquiries, experiencing efficient communication without the delay of email or traditional text messages.