Jakarta has a hidden side that can give you and your family the entertainment you need. One of the ways you can forget Jakarta’s traffic jams is by going to theme parks. Theme parks in Jakarta are varied; from a small theme park to a theme park the size of a neighborhood, everything is there in Indonesia’s capital city. Here are some theme parks in Jakarta you should give extra attention to:

KidZania Jakarta

KidZania is one of the theme parks in Jakarta that focuses on career introduction to kids. In KidZania, children are introduced to at least 50 careers. They will also “practice” those careers in the form of kids-friendly games where the kids won’t feel burdened.

If you are worried about the kids’ safety, relax. KidZania’s employees are professionals who are ready to help the kids no matter when or where. There are also guards prepared to secure the doors of each section. CCTVs are also there for extra security measures. Just relax and let your kids the world they love! Who knows, they might meet their dream job!

Taman Mini Indonesia Indah

Taman Mini Indonesia Indah is the largest theme park in Jakarta, to be specific in Indonesia. TMII was one of many Tien Soeharto’s (the second first lady of Indonesia) contributions to her beloved country. TMII aims to create a theme park that can make Indonesian citizens feel closer to the country’s culture and diversity.

TMII stays true to Tien Soeharto’s aspirations of the theme park. In the TMII, visitors can learn many things about Indonesia. At the park’s pond, visitors will see a miniature map of Indonesia. If visitors would like to know more about each region of Indonesia, they can visit the Anjungan Daerah section. The area covers the different traditional houses of each region. Mini gardens are also available. They offer different kinds of focus, whether it’s Indonesia’s flora or fauna. If you find walking tiresome, you can opt to use a cable car, mini train, or atmospheric railway.

Those who want to take a break from the edutainment can go to the recreational section. There is a waterpark, children’s castle, iMax theatre, 4D theatre, and a mini theme park famous for its Ferris wheel. For those who want to have an extraordinary experience, they can spend their time fishing at Pemancingan Telaga Mina. No matter what you do, you’ll gain invaluable experience in TMII.

Ancol Taman Impian

Ancol Taman Impian (which means fantasy land/park) is the ideal definition of the perfect park, just as its name implies. It is a one-stop-for-all theme park that offers everything you need for the perfect family weekend.

Ancol has seven sections. The first section is the beach park, where you can swim all your worries away. It is where most famous beach parties are held. If you prefer a recreational park, you can go to Dufan (Dunia Fantasy, which means Fantasy World). Dufan has many amusement rides. From the extreme roller coaster to the Rumah Miring (roughly translated as “tilted house”), everything is there in Dufan.

After a hot day in Dufan, you can splash yourself with some cool water in three sections – SeaWorld, Atlantis Water Adventures, and Ocean Dream Samudra. SeaWorld is the aquarium of Ancol, where you will meet different kinds of water residents. Atlantis Water Adventures is Ancol’s water park. If you feel like giving extra knowledge to the children, you can go to Ocean Dream Samudra. It is an edutainment park, where children learn about the ocean and the vast potential it has.

The sixth section is Pasar Seni (roughly translated as Art Market). Pasar Seni is where visitors can learn more about state of the art and admire the beautiful artworks displayed in the area. Besides painting, visitors can also learn about local music, the culinary industry, and films.

Last but not least is Allianz Ecopark. The eco-park is Ancol’s version of an outbound area. Just as the name states, the activities done in the eco-park are performed in open spaces, where we mingle with nature during the events. Some of the activities you can do there are biking, paintball, visiting a traditional eco market, and learning more about bees in the Bee House.

Trans Studio Cibubur

Trains Studio’s central park is in Bandung, but it has branches in other cities, and Jakarta is one of them. Trans Studio Cibubur has two main zones, which are the amusement ride zones and the strolling zone. The strolling area has different sections with different themes, such as science fiction, the beach, central station, and many more.

There are nine amusement rides in the Studio; all of them have different themes. Do you want to fight some zombies? You can do so in Zombie War. Or do you want to get close to a jaeger? You can get amid a fight between Kaiju and jaegers in the Pacific Rim area. The amusement rides might not be as many as Dufan. Still, they will definitely keep your family entertained for the whole day.

Kovee VR Theme Park

The last theme park in Jakarta focuses on technology and Korea. In Kovee VR Theme Park, visitors are treated with much sophisticated modern equipment that enhances your K-pop experience. Most of the activities here, from karaoke to virtual dance, are done by using VR (virtual reality) goggles. Although many of the content is related to K-pop, the management plans to add more Indonesian content for the park.

Jakarta is more than traffic jams and long working hours. If visitors are keen enough, they will find many hidden gems that can be enjoyed by everybody, including their families. The theme parks in Jakarta are not the only gems, but it’s a start to a great adventure in the capital.