Beginning Feb. 14, 2024, foreign tourists visiting Bali must pay a tourist tax of IDR 150,000. The Bali provincial government has introduced the International Tourism Levy to support the preservation of Bali’s rich customs, traditions, arts, and environment. The levy will apply to all international visitors, including adults and children of all ages, and it is a one-time payment per each visit/arrival into Bali.

The Love Bali System has been introduced on the official website to make the payment process easy and convenient:

This short video tutorial shows how to pay using a credit card. Additionally, an app is available for those who prefer to make payments through their mobile devices.
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For those unable to make payments through the Love Bali System, international visitors can pay with cash at designated counters available at airports or ports.

It is important to remember to retain valid proof of payment as it will be scanned through a scanning device after the travel document verification process upon entering Bali.

By paying the International Tourism Levy, international visitors can contribute to preserving Bali’s natural and cultural beauty while enjoying their stay on the island.

How much is the tourist tax in Bali?

The tourism tax in Bali will now cost IDR 150,000 per person per visit, regardless of age.

How do I pay my tourist tax in Bali?

You can pay the tax online on the official Bali Tourism Website or at the airport and seaport in Bali.

Can you pay Bali tourist tax at the airport?

The tourist tax can be paid at Bali’s Ngurah Rai International Airport. However, it is recommended to pay it online to avoid waiting in line.

Process of pay the tourist tax online

  1. Access Love Bali: Make sure to use the official Love Bali online platform or mobile app well before your trip.
  2. Submit Personal Information: Provide your passport number, full name, valid email address, and arrival date.
  3. Payment Selection: Choose your preferred payment method, which includes options like credit card, Qris, and bank transfer.
  4. Voucher Receipt: After you make the payment, you will receive a voucher via email. This voucher will be used for airport verification upon your arrival.
  5. At the Airport: Bring your voucher and have it scanned at the designated checkpoints.