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Vacation to Bali

Explore the Paradise of Asia

From the stunning beach to top-notch exotic culinary experiences, there’s something for everyone in Bali. Located in the tropical side of the world, precisely Southeast Asia, the climate of Bali is warm and humid, allowing you to feel the sensation of summer all year round.

On this page, you can explore the top destination of the famous Bali Island before making your decision, as well as book trips and hotels after you decide that you need that well-deserved vacation. You will also find tips and tricks to make your trip more enjoyable and memorable.

Matur suksma – (Balinese language that means thank you), enjoy Bali!

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Newest Visa and Travel Requirements for Traveling to Bali

Visa Exemption Arrangement (VEA)

If you come from one of the 9 lucky countries with a Visa Exemption Arrangement you don’t need a Visa to enter Bali. It’s only valid for 30 days, and unlike the VOA or B211A, it cannot be extended and is for tourism purposes only.

  1. Brunei Darussalam 
  2. Cambodia
  3. Laos
  4. Malaysia
  5. Myanmar
  6. Philippines
  7. Singapore
  8. Thailand
  9. Vietnam