People tend to mistake Yogyakarta only for a city. Sure, it is a city, but there is a Yogyakarta province where Yogyakarta is currently located. There are various regions in the area of Yogyakarta, from Kulon Progo that’s up North to the South region of Bantul.

Of course, each region has its own charm and beauty that are worth visiting; the same goes for Kulon Progo. Here are some best attractions in Kulon Progo Yogyakarta that are worth checking out:

Kebun Teh Nglinggo

Teh means tea in Indonesian, and in Kebun Teh Nglinggo, you will be surrounded by tea leaves. You can’t see it right away in the morning, as the mist is pretty thick due to its location and temperature. But once the mist is gone, your eyes will be treated with the vast and wide tea plantation that will freshen up your tired eyes.

You can do more beyond admiring the tea plantation. Visitors can actually trek among the leaves to the northern side at the hill. It might be a bit tough, but once you’re at the top, you will get a view that is worth every sweat during trekking.

Waduk Sermo

Yogyakarta has no forest ground for camping, but Waduk Sermo is the perfect solution for your camping activities. Waduk means reservoir in Indonesian. Waduk Sermo is a reservoir used for the rice fields irrigation in Kulon Progo. Although the reservoir is not as wide as Waduk Gadjah Mungkur of Wonosari, its size is decent enough for us to camp at its side. You’re even allowed to light your own bonfire!

Besides camping, you can also explore the dam using a boat. If pictures are your passion, you can take a picture at the top of the nearby hill with greeneries as your background.

Pantai Glagah Indah

Pantai means beach in Indonesia. Pantai Glagah Indah is a beach located at the lower part of Kulon Progo. It’s not your typical kind of beach though, as the beach has iron sand. Its appearance is unlike any other beach either, since it looks like a lake thanks to its curvy edge.

There are plenty of activities you can do in Pantai Glagah Indah. You can ride boats, visit the dragon fruit garden, or take pictures at the nearby dock. The highlighted activity on this beach is fishing, though. You’ll find plenty of fishers around this beach, trying their luck on catching their fishes.

Wisata Kalibiru

Wisata means tourist attraction in Indonesian. Wisata Kalibiru is the most well-known tourist attraction in Kulon Progo. After all, there are lots of nature-friendly activities around Kalibiru.

Do you want to camp with your folks? They have the camping ground right there for you. If camping is too hard for you, you can opt for the homestay available for visitors. For an adrenaline rush, you can try to challenge yourself by trekking or doing flying foxes.

Wisata Kalibiru offers picture-worthy spots that will show the entire greenery and view of the surroundings. If you’re lucky, you can even take pictures during sunset!

Air Terjun Kedung Pedut

Air terjun means waterfall in Indonesian. If you want to get closer to nature during your exploration of Kulon Progo, you can start by visiting Air Terjun Kedung Pedut.

The waterfall is known for its unique water, which has a mixture of transparent color and blue Tosca. Its beauty is not without a price, of course. Since it is located deep into the Menoreh Mountains, you’ll have to trek some hills up and down and make your way through the rocks. But don’t worry; the view and the freshwater are worth your sweats.

Once you’ve reached the area, you can go ahead and dip into the waterfall. There are five sections in Kedung Pedut; they are Keduk Merak, Keduk Merang, Kedung Anyes, Kedung Lanang, and Kedung Wedok. The five pools have different depths, so you can pick whichever that suits your needs.

If you are bored with swimming, don’t worry; there are other activities besides swimming. Some of them are flying fox, tubbing, wooden boards, and many more. 

Ayunan Langit Watu Jaran

Ayunan means swing, while langit means sky in Indonesian. If you are in dire need of stunning social media content, you should check out Ayunan Langit Watu Jaran. As the name states, it is literally a swing that will take you to the sky. Once you swing away, you’ll be 800 meters (2625 ft.) away from the ground. Don’t be scared, since there are professional crew members ready to assure your safety.

If the swing is too extreme, you can opt for a milder challenge such as climbing the elevated broom or climb the stairs to take pictures at the photo spot at the treehouse. Whichever challenge you take, you’ll definitely get a great photo moment.

Air Terjun Kembang Soka

Air Terjun Kembang Soka is another waterfall in Kulon Progo worth visiting. Just like Kedung Pedut, the waterfall is hidden deep inside the Menoreh Mountains. It’s best to visit the two waterfalls at once since they are nearby each other.

Although Kembang Soka’s water has a universal clear color, the water is unique because it is where the water of the Mudal River and the Miri River meet.

The structure of the area is also pretty unique. The first pool of the waterfall isn’t actually from the waterfall but from another spring. If you go down following the bridge, then you’ll see Kembang Kosa waterfall and its pool. The structure might be odd for some, but hey! The water is fresh anyway, so why not check the waterfall out?

Back to Nature in Kulon Progo

Kulon Progo in Yogyakarta has many natural tourist attractions where we can forget about the bustling city and reconcile with nature. They’re also great getaways for those who are tired or stressed with their current daily activities. The greeneries of Kulon Progo will heal your soul and your mind. When you go back, we assure you that you’ll get the satisfaction you didn’t know existed before.