If you only know Yogyakarta for its temples, it’s time to explore the region again. Yogyakarta has everything needed to create the best holiday for you, and natural attractions are part of that “everything.” To make it even better, natural attractions in Yogyakarta are varied. Mountains, hills, caves ‒ you won’t run out of natural attractions.

If you don’t know where you should start your real Yogyakarta adventure, here is a compilation of places you can visit to begin your experience.

Tebing Breksi

Tebing Breksi (Breksi Cliffs) was originally a mine. The locals would mine the stones and modify the stones into decorations. In 2014, it was revealed that the rocks are the relics of Gunung Api Purba Nglanggeran. When the volcano was active, the volcanic ash and rocks spewed all the way to mine’s current location.

Tebing Breksi, which is the old mine’s current name, has beautiful decorations and sculptures that never fail to attract visitors every day. The hill’s amazing sculptures attract not only visitors but also couples doing their pre-wedding photoshoot. The sculptures and decorations are thanks to the locals. Mining is no longer allowed there, so the locals decided to deck the stones with carvings and other decorations to bring visitors from other regions.

You can enjoy the scenery without being scorched by visiting the hill in the morning or in the evening. You can go there in the afternoon, but don’t be surprised by the heat. There are food stalls nearby, but it’s best to bring your own drink since the water is pretty pricey at the food stalls.

Gunung Api Purba Nglanggeran

Nobody knows what happened thousands of years ago, but Gunung Api (volcano) Purba Nglanggeran probably does. The ancient mountain was actually a sea volcano that was brought up to the surface due to natural causes.

Many legends and mysteries are shrouding the dormant volcano. One of its unexplained mysteries is Kampung Pitu, which means Village Seven. The village receives its name due to its unique rule: there can be only seven families in the village. It is an old rule that is still preserved by the locals of Kampung Pitu.

If you’re more interested in doing adrenaline-rush activities, you can still visit the mountain. At the accessible area of the mountain, you can knock yourself out doing rock climbing, hiking, or even camping. You can do everything you need for a fun experience in Gunung Api Purba Nglanggeran, except registering your family in Kampung Pitu.

Resoinangun Garden

If you’re tired of hills and mountains, maybe it’s time for you to turn to flowers. Resoinangun Garden is a field of flowers created and maintained by the locals to attract more visitors to their area. Sure, the flower garden might be man-made. Still, the creation gives us an organic flower field that is not only beautiful but also contributes to nature.

You can see many kinds of flowers in this garden, from the sturdy sunflowers to the celosia that stands out. Don’t worry about photo props, since the garden has many accessories available at its corners.

The garden is crowded with visitors in the afternoon, so it’s best to go there early before lunch. When you’re inside, don’t pull any flower or force your way into the field, since it can destroy the flowers. The locals tried their best to create a fantastic flower garden for us, and it’s our job to maintain its beauty.


It’s hard to define Kaliurang. Kaliurang is the accessible region of Mount Merapi since it’s the lower part of the volcano. The cold temperature and fresh air are all-natural. However, many restaurants and facilities have been built there to accommodate the many visitors. Nevertheless, it is one of the closest mountains in the region, since it is only 45 minutes to 1 hour away from the city.

There are different activities you can do in Kaliurang. You can go to Gardu Pandang and see the view of the city there. There are also monkeys you can admire from afar near the garden. Besides Gardu Pandang, you can also see Goa Jepang, which is the remnant of Japan’s invasion of Indonesia hundreds of years ago. If you want to do something more challenging, you can trek Bukit Plawangan and see the city from the hill.

The number of activities you can do in Kaliurang can be overwhelming. If one day is not enough, you can stay at nearby villas Kaliurang. The villas are not expensive, and they can accommodate most of your needs for a comfortable stay.

Goa Pindul

Need to freshen up? If that’s the case, then Goa Pindul (Pindul Cave) is the right place for you.

Don’t be put off with Goa Pindul’s one-hour distance from the city, because the natural attraction is worth every mile. At the mysterious cave, you will do one of the new activities you can only find in Asia: cave tubing. Cave tubing is when you explore the 300 meters (984 ft.) river inside the cave by sitting on a tube.

You will be in the dark, but don’t worry because there are headlamps and life vests prepared by the guide for a safe exploration of the river. As you explore the cave, the guide will tell the legends of the cave and explain the ornaments (stalactites, stalagmites, moon milk, and others) that deck the cave.

The best time to do cave tubing in Goa Pindul is in the morning between 9 AM to 11 AM. It’s not crowded during that time, and the water isn’t as cold as the time before 9 AM. The breeze is as fresh as the water, so you don’t need to worry about Yogyakarta’s scorching heat or temperature.

The five natural attractions in Yogyakarta mentioned just now are only a few of the beautiful sites Mother Nature has given Yogyakarta. Of course, they are more than just impressive. The sites are the places that will provide their visitors with an extensive and unforgettable experience that can only be attained in Yogyakarta.