Indonesia, whose islands stretch from west to east, is home to countless tourist destinations. However, having such an enjoyable holiday in the country requires proper planning that would make your trip more convenient.

Visa & Immigration

Your holiday would be perfectly wonderful when visa and immigration are well prepared. Notice that there are generally three types of visas valid in Indonesia. First, if you are a citizen of one of around 160 countries that have an agreement with the Indonesian government for visa exemption, you don’t need to have a visa, but simply a passport and a return ticket, while you can enjoy your stay for 30 days and cannot be extended. Consider that this type of visa is only suitable for you who are desired to have a vacation only, not a business.

With such spectacular sceneries, unprecedented cultures, and exquisitely appetizing cuisine, some may feel that this country slowly becomes their second home, which triggers their desire to stay longer. If you want to do so, simply get a visa on arrival that allows you to stay longer than 30 days, which can also be extended. To stay longer, a social-cultural visa is the best option since it allows you to stay more than 60 days and can be extended three times to give you another 30 days of stay.

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Getting Around Indonesia

Indonesia is located in the far east part of the world, and it offers various convenient transportation modes to get around. Traveling by air would be the most convenient option. While domestic flights in Indonesia cost relatively expensive, but it is worth spending given Indonesia’s geographical condition. Meanwhile, ground transportation, however, also offers various convenient ways to get around. Bus, train, local and online transportation are now available in almost cities throughout Indonesia.

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Health & Safety

A tropical country like Indonesia is commonly known for its tropical diseases that occur solely or principally. Tropical diseases refer to infectious diseases that thrive in hot, humid conditions, such as malaria, dengue fever, bacterial diarrhea, and so on. Hence, as a preventive measure, it is recommended to always pack a medical kit, such as paracetamol (or pain relief), sunscreen, bug repellent lotion or spray, diarrhea treatment, and topical antiseptic for wound care. On the other hand, a tourist should also concern food hygiene. Therefore, avoid eating in less clean places to prevent suffering from diarrhea and other food-related illness.

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While Indonesia has a relatively safe environment, safety issues like petty theft, transportation scam, smoking issue, etc. should also be every tourists’ concern. As preventive measures, kindly gather comprehensive information about common misdemeanors in Indonesia. Also note that Indonesians are still quite conservative, wearing clothes that do not bare too much skin and avoiding traveling alone are the best option.

Essential Application

It is undeniable that smartphones are our “best friends” who always inside our pocket or purse. This device has various important functions that can help our daily activities, especially when traveling. Various apps that can make your vacation easier in Indonesia, such as the online transportation application GoJek, Grab, My Blue Bird Taxi. In addition, applications such as Google Translate, Google Maps, Traveloka, and will help make your vacation more comfortable.

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