The recent outbreak of COVID-19 has changed the way we live. The government of countries around the world has to set up new health protocol for their people to minimize the risk of losing more lives.

Foreign nationals with the purpose of leisure travel can enter Indonesia and must meet certain requirements, such as having received a COVID-19 vaccine, quarantine requirements, etc.

Implementing the Indonesia Health Protocol in New Normal Era

In order to minimize the risk of the COVID-19 spread, the government of Indonesia has decided to conduct the new normal with health protocol implemented, including but not limited to:

  • In public places, using a mask is mandatory; the face shield is recommended but optional.
  • Greeting with contact is not encouraged. Instead, it can be replaced with bowing the upper body or “namaste” gestures.
  • Washing hands using the running water or hand disinfectant if the water is not available. Public and business places are encouraged to provide these facilities as well.
  • Avoiding crowds and large gatherings while still maintaining physical distancing, including when sitting in public places.
  • Having a body temperature check when entering shops or indoor public places.

Health Protocol for Business or Operator

For business owners or service operators deciding to still serve the customers, it is mandatory to follow the new health protocol set by the government, including:

  • Providing touchless interaction such as using the QR code or barcode scanning for reservation and payment systems.
  • Providing hand-washing facilities or hand sanitizer outside the venue.
  • Having the body temperature checked for each guest before entering the venue.
  • Wearing a mask for staff are mandatory; a face shield and gloves are recommended but optional.
  • Using only half the capacity of the venue.
  • Setting the seating arrangement with physical distancing rules.
  • Disinfecting all areas every 4 hours.
  • Installing clear and easy-to-spot signage related to the new normal protocol throughout the venue.
  • In restaurants, food and cutleries are to be served by the waiter.

Health Protocol for Those who Fly

The international and domestic flights have almost been back operating to normal, however, please be aware of the airline operational policy and health protocol, particularly regarding COVID-19 vaccination proof and other travel documents to be submitted prior to departure in Indonesia.

Information is subject to change without notice. Additional measures during the pandemic may be imposed at such short notice and specific details may change rapidly. Please contact your travel provider or your airline for further information and follow the advice of the local authorities. Updated May 18, 2022.