Bali, the Island of the Gods, is renowned for its stunning beaches, lush landscapes, and vibrant culture. But did you know that Bali is also home to one of Asia’s most prestigious film festivals? Balinale – Bali International Film Festival – celebrates cinema and culture, bringing together filmmakers, actors, and enthusiasts worldwide.

Balinale was founded in 2007 by Deborah Gabinetti, a long-time resident of Bali who recognized the need for an international film festival on the island. Since its inception, Balinale has grown to become a highly anticipated event in the global film calendar, attracting audiences and participants from across Indonesia and beyond.

The festival aims to showcase the best of world cinema, focusing on independent and alternative films that challenge and inspire audiences. Balinale 2023 promises to be no exception, with a diverse lineup of films spanning multiple genres and languages.


Bali International Film Festival
1-4 June 2023

One of the highlights of Balinale 2023 is its commitment to promoting Indonesian cinema. The festival provides a platform for Indonesian filmmakers to showcase their work internationally, helping to raise the profile of Indonesian cinema and its diverse cultural heritage. In addition, Balinale offers a range of workshops, masterclasses, and industry events that provide opportunities for aspiring filmmakers to learn from and connect with industry professionals.

Balinale 2023 is also a celebration of Bali’s unique culture and heritage. The festival showcases films that explore Bali’s rich history and traditions and the island’s stunning natural beauty. In addition, Balinale works closely with local communities and organizations to promote sustainable tourism and environmental conservation, highlighting the importance of preserving Bali’s natural resources for future generations.