As one of the top beaches and scuba diving destinations around the world, Raja Ampat consists of thousands of small islands with heavenly beaches and pristine underwater marine life. Getting relaxed and rejuvenate is one of the best ways to spend your time in this tropical paradise. Either after scuba diving or island hopping, it is always good to get spa treatments for hydrating your skin and pampering yourself. Here are the best resorts with a spa in Raja Ampat.

Spa in Paradise, Papua Paradise Eco Resort

Spa in Paradise offers a wide range of treatments including traditional and aromatic massages, body treatments, facial, and a signature treatment of Ayurveda 4 hands massage using Ayurveda and traditional techniques from India and Southeast Asia. Regarding space, they have three private treatment rooms with bathtubs, rain showers, and outdoor hair and nail treatment areas overlooking the ocean. With the touch of Papuan wooden décor, this is truly one of the best spas in Raja Ampat where you can relax and spoil yourself.

Spa in Misool Eco Resort

This tropical hideaway resort island accommodates only up to 40 guests, making it truly exclusive and quiet for your adventure holidays. With traditional Indonesian natural products created each morning in their kitchen, Misool tries to use food-grade and organic ingredients to add in the treatments that can be done in the guest’s room or at The Lookout.

Some of the popular treatments are archipelago ‘jamu‘ massage using traditional homemade Indonesian herbs called ‘jamu‘; diver’s massage specifically tailored to divers; signature ‘batu lola‘ massage similar to hot stone massage; aloe vera rejuvenation using local Raja Ampat coconut oil on the body which is then wrapped in freshly-cut banana leaves to cure the sun-damaged skin; coffee coconut spice body treatment using natural Indonesian herbs and spices (including Papuan highland coffee) to restore the skin’s natural suppleness; or couple massage in the bale surrounded by the breeze and lapping waves of the ocean. Besides, they also have the facial treatment and 3-4 days package spa treatments.

Healing Hut Spa, Papua Diving Resorts in Kri Island

Papua Diving Resorts has been managing two resorts in Kri Island, which are the Sorido Bay Resort and Kri Eco Resort. Inspired by ancient wisdom and tradition of beauty care throughout Indonesia, the “Healing Hut” spa in Raja Ampat provides you with a range of traditional massage to rejuvenating facials in a relaxing space by the beach.

Reeforest Spa, Raja Ampat Dive Lodge

Raja Ampat Dive Lodge is a small luxurious eco-resort located in the Dampier Strait of Raja Ampat. In a relaxing atmosphere in the reclaimed wood interior, Reeforest Spa makes use of natural resources, including the fresh air breeze, into its signature massage, spa, and beauty treatments – namely, the traditional Indonesian massage, reflexology massage, aromatherapy massage, foot massage, body wrap, body mask, and herbal bath – to bring out total relaxation aligned with the nature between the blue reef and green forest. This is one of the best spas in Raja Ampat you can enjoy in luxury.

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