Visit our Nusa Penida destination page for basic information about this island, including on how to get there and some accommodations you can find on the island. As the biggest island among the three Nusa islands off Bali, the attraction spots are spread all over the West, East, and South of Nusa Penida. Grouping them based on location will help you to prepare your trip to Bali and decide on the itinerary which suits you.

Here are some recommendations and incredible things to do in Nusa Penida Bali.

Explore the beaches from east to west

Nusa Penida island is surrounded by many beaches from the east to west, such as Atuh Beach, Broken Beach, Kelingking Beach, Crystal Bay Beach, Diamond Beach, Tembeling Beach, Suwehan Beach, Panda Beach, Mushroom Bay Beach, and so on. Most of the beaches are white sandy beaches where you can swim, but some of the beaches may have strong currents and waves that make it too dangerous to swim around. There is also a natural sea pool called Angel’s Billabong, where you can only swim during the low tide.

Hike down to the Peguyangan Waterfall

This spectacular waterfall is located in the southern tip of the island and might be hard to reach for some people. You need to go down through the steep makeshift staircases along the cliff, making it one of the challenging things to do in Nusa Penida Bali. This is the perfect spot to visit for an adventure junkie.

Stop by in some instagramable spots

The astonishing landscape of this island would invite anyone to freeze the time by taking pictures. Instagramable spots are widely spread across the island, such as the famous coastal cliffscape of Kelingking ‘T-Rex’, Rumah Pohon Treehouse, Angel’s Billabong, and tons of beaches mentioned above.

Explore the unique underground temple of Goa Giri Putri

Goa Giri Putri Temple is one of the most unique must-visit temples in Bali, in which you should step carefully through a narrow cave gate before getting a surprising and extraordinary view of the huge hall inside, with many altars, priests, and prayers, including some Buddha statues, which show the acculturation in harmony.

Diving or snorkeling with manta rays in their habitat

Manta Point or Manta Bay in Nusa Penida is a few places on earth where you can encounter manta rays in almost all year along. Many tour operators provide snorkeling trips to this site, making it one of the most amazing things to do in Nusa Penida Bali.

Watch over the view from the top

Nusa Penida has some well-known viewpoints and hill as some popular things to do in Nusa Penida Bali, such as Banah Cliff Point, Thousand Island Viewpoint, Manta Bay Viewpoint, Saren Cliff Point, Teletubbies Hill. When you stand on the Teletubbies Hill, a strong wind might come to stroke your face, and you will find yourself overcome by the beauty of Nusa Penida from this soft-rounded grass hill. Other viewpoints will mostly reward you with the incredible views of jaw-dropping seascape from the top, but please make sure not to step too close from the edge of the viewpoint.

Meet the giant “mola-mola” sunfish

Besides manta rays, Nusa Penida Bali is also one of a few places on earth where you can do scuba diving and see the sunfish nearby the island, as they usually stay in the middle of the ocean. The mola-mola season in Bali usually starts from July to September, when the water is quite cold for the sunfish to come up closer to the surface to do the cleaning around the dive site of Crystal Bay.