If you plan to go to Bali and Lombok with kids, three sister islands in Lombok can be a good option. Covering Gili Trawangan, Gili Meno, and Gili Air, these islands can be reached by 30 minutes boat ride from Bangsal (the closest harbor in Lombok), or regular daily fast boats departing from Bali.

Surrounded by beach and island life, Gili islands have no motorized vehicles on the islands, making it a perfect escape for slowing down and relaxing. Some people would recommend Gili Air for a family – if you still have not decided on where to stay. In short, when you go to Gili Islands in Lombok with kids, here are activities you can do together.

Pool day

When you come to Gili Islands Lombok with kids, you can be sure to relax and slow down. If you stay in the accommodations with pool, you can certainly play and splash the whole day while sunbathing on the pool lounge chairs.

The beach and sunset

If the pool is not enough, you can go to the nearby beach and do sunbathing, swimming, building the castle, or even snorkeling together. When the sun sets down, it will be nice to enjoy the sunset by the beach while grabbing a sip of fresh coconut water or beer.

Swing and movie on the beach

There are also several old-school swings located around the islands. It can be a good opportunity to take pictures, especially during the sunset in Lombok with kids.

In Gili Air, Beach Club entertains families with two movies each night – a family-friendly one at 6.30 PM and an adult’s movie at 8.30 PM. You can enter by purchasing some food and drinks.

Water sports and activities

If spending the whole one or two days in the pool or beach is less challenging, you can try to do some activities off the land, such as take day snorkeling trip or island hopping to other islands. Many dive centers and operators line up along the beach, so you can book a trip to go snorkeling or scuba diving on the 25 dive sites around the three islands, or just simply rent the snorkeling gear for half a day.

Kayaking can also be another option, but make sure to know the kids’ endurance levels since they have to paddle back most of the time. Some other activities to go for also includes fishing, dolphin trips, sunset cruise, glass-bottom boat, private boat charter, etc.

Other classes

To occupy more of your kids’ time, you can enroll them in some classes if they are interested, such as in the Stand Up Paddleboarding class or scuba diving class. If they are not into water, they can also do some cooking class, jewelry making class, or yoga class. This is a great opportunity to learn something new during your time in Lombok with kids.

Visiting Gili Meno

In Gili Meno, you can visit the turtle sanctuary with a few pool with baby turtles, where your kids can release the turtle if the time fits – apparently, they release some baby turtles into the sea on certain nights.

There is also a large salt-water lake surrounded by mangrove forests, where several huts are built around the lake – but make sure to bring a mosquito repellent if you decide to come here, as they can be quite fierce.

Spa and yoga

If you have girls and want to get pampered, you can enjoy some time in the spa for a manicure, pedicure, massage, and other treatments in some of the best spa and wellness places in Gili – of course, boys can join too if they want to. Some places also have yoga classes you can sign up – even the paddleboard yoga, too, if you are good enough not to fall in the water.

Explore the island

Gili Trawangan, Gili Meno, and Gili Air are very small in size. It can be explored by foot for approximately 2 hours in Gili Trawangan, and less in Gili Meno and Gili Air. If you are not into walking, you can rent the bicycle or pony carts known locally as cidomo.

To keep in mind

If you are going to eat in the restaurants around Gili Islands Lombok with kids, food might not arrive as quickly as expected – you might wait up to 30 minutes or even more – so be prepared with the snacks or spare some time to order in advance before you get really hungry.

Finally, to enjoy your time in Gili Islands Lombok with kids, be prepared with some stuff along the trip, such as the mosquito repellent, the torch or flashlights, and some essential medicine since the closest hospital is located in Lombok, and one medical clinic in Gili Trawangan.