As a global pandemic, COVID-19 is something we should be aware of. The confirmed cases are still increasing worldwide, and it is easy to doubt yourself having the virus if you have cough or fever symptoms. However, keep calm, and here are the things to do if you think you have COVID-19 symptoms in Indonesia.

Recognize the Symptoms

Whether you have symptoms like COVID-19, either mild or severe, make sure to check the symptoms closely while isolating yourself until it is confirmed. According to the World Health Organization, COVID-19 impacts people in different ways, and those with mild to moderate illness may recover without hospitalization.

The most common symptoms are fever, dry cough, and tiredness, while less common ones might include severe pains, headache, sore throat, diarrhea, loss of taste or smell, and discoloration on fingers or rash on the skin.

More serious symptoms of COVID-19 would involve breathing and other respiratory illness, chest pain, and loss of speech or movement; If you have these symptoms, make sure to arrange the appointment with the medical professional to seek for immediate help.

Get Tested for COVID-19

According to the CDC, those who should get the COVID-19 tests are:

  • Those with COVID-19 symptoms
  • Those had close contact with infected people for at least 15 minutes
  • Those who are referred or ask to get testing by a healthcare provider

So, if you have the symptoms, you should have some COVID-19 test to confirm it. After getting tested, you should do self-quarantine or isolate at home until the test result is available.

There are some COVID-19 tests in Indonesia, including both diagnostic tests and antibody tests. In general, the diagnostic test can show if you have the current infection – and Indonesia has the PCR (Polymerase Chain Reaction) Test or called as 'swab test'; and the antibody test will tell you if you had a past infection by detecting the antibody formed when the body was or is infected – and Indonesia has the serology tests or called as 'rapid test'.

For the rapid test, the result will be available in minutes or hours but could develop the "false negative" result (if the test is done less than seven days after the infection). You can do this test independently by buying the testing 'rapid test' kit, or do it in any significant health laboratories and hospitals. The cost is also more affordable than the PCR test.

For the PCR test, it can take days for the results to be available because it involves a longer process in the laboratory, but the result is believed to be more accurate. Costing more than the 'rapid test', the PCR test can be done in any major health laboratories and hospitals approved by the Indonesian government.

The Test Results

Once the test result is available if you find yourself negative from COVID-19, it means you did not have it at the time of testing; Therefore, continue to do the right health protocol in the 'new normal' era to protect yourself by avoiding being exposed to the virus.

If you test positive, take the necessary steps to take care of yourself and prevent others from getting sick, such as:

  • Stay home and separate yourself from other people, including avoid sharing personal items.
  • Get rest, and stay hydrated.
  • Monitor your health and follow the instructions from your healthcare provider.
  • Cover your mouth and nose with a mask around other people or animals when coughing or sneezing.
  • Continue to clean and disinfect your room and frequently touched surfaces every day.
  • Immediately seek medical attention when you have an emergency and serious symptoms, like difficulty in breathing, chest pain, bluish face or lips, loss of speech or movement, or new confusion.

Information subject to change without notice. Additional measures during the pandemic may be imposed at such short notice and specific details may change rapidly. Updated November 26, 2020.