Bali Island has re-opened its gate for domestic travelers who long for a holiday in Bali after the national flights are back open in Indonesia at the end of July 2020. However, due to the increasing number of COVID-19 cases in Indonesia, which makes it in the "red zone", Indonesian authorities should postpone its plan to re-open its door for foreign visitors, at least, until the end of 2021, or until further notice. If you have special circumstances, you can read here about the exemption and requirements to enter Indonesia.

The Current Situation in Bali

Related to the COVID-19 cases, Bali currently has an 83.7% recovery rate, which is relatively encouraging than other areas in Indonesia. Sadly, the active COVID-19 cases keep increasing since the re-opening for the domestic travelers on their vacation to Bali and quickly filled up the hospitals around the island.

Some of the retail shops, restaurants, hotels, tourist hot spots, and venues have re-opened with limited operational hours, more limited capacity, and new standard health protocols. For those who cannot bear the high operating costs without enough sales still choose to shut down their businesses. Beaches and other public places are back open, but many major events are canceled.

Luckily, many good people are still around, in which many NGOs and communities are serving food for free for those who got poorly impacted by this pandemic situation. Some Balinese who got laid off are going back to their hometown where they can survive more easily with all the live-stocks and crops available.

Coronavirus indeed has massive impacts on Bali tourism and the lives of the Balinese; therefore, the government and local people are trying their best to keep the local economy running among themselves.

Tourists in Bali

There are no international tourists in Bali at the moment unless the expatriates or digital nomads staying in Bali. If you have a plan to visit Bali, check out this page about who is allowed to visit Bali now.

Eventually, for whoever comes to Indonesia or vacation to Bali, it is very important to follow and implement the directions and policies set by the Indonesian government to help to control the spread of COVID-19 in the country.

Cleanliness, Health, and Safety Standards in Bali

In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, the government and tourism authorities in Bali are committed to implementing the new normal health and safety protocol called CHS (Cleanliness, Health, and Safety) standards in accordance with the WHO and Health Ministry of Indonesia. All protocols are being reviewed and certified by the authorities to ensure proper implementation is taking in place prior to welcoming visitors to the island. Any violation of this protocol will result in the banning from running the business as the health and safety of everyone remain the top priority.

Information subject to change without notice. Additional measures during the pandemic may be imposed at such short notice and specific details may change rapidly. Please contact your travel provider or your airline for further information and follow the advice of the local authorities. Updated March 22, 2021.