Can I travel to Indonesia now? 

Indonesia has banned all foreign nationals from entering or transiting until further notice with the following exceptions: 

  • KITAS (limited stay) and KITAP (permanent stay) permit holders
  • Foreigners with diplomatic visa and working visa
  • Medical, food, and humanitarian aid support workers
  • Transportation (air, sea, or land) crew
  • Foreign nationals who are associated with essential work for national strategic projects such as infrastructure or constructions

What are the requirements for foreigners to enter Indonesia?

Make sure you are included in that category listed above (exempt) to enter Indonesia. You must be in possession of a negative PCR COVID-19 test result conducted within 72 hours of your departure and the certificate must be in English. When you arrive at airports or other ports of entry, there will be health screening procedures and you also are required to quarantine at your own expense at a government-designated hotel for five days, followed by an additional period of home quarantine. You will be required to take a mandatory PCR test on arrival and will then be required to take a second PCR COVID-19 test while in hotel quarantine and have a negative result before moving on to your destination.

These travel restrictions change frequently. Travelers should consult regularly with their airlines for the most recent information.

Information subject to change without notice. Additional measures during the pandemic may be imposed at such short notice and specific details may change rapidly. Please contact your travel provider or your airline for further information and follow the advice of the local authorities. Updated March 24, 2021.