Am I Allowed to Visit Bali Now?

Since July 31, 2020, Bali has opened its borders to domestic travelers who could not wait to make a Bali trip soon. Some domestic flights to Bali have already been operated by a few local airlines implementing health protocols and social distancing determined by the authorities.
However, international tourists remain banned from transiting or visiting Bali until further notice with the following exceptions:

  • KITAS (temporary stay) or KITAP (permanent stay) permit holders
  • Foreigners with diplomatic or service visa
  • Foreigners with diplomatic or service stay permit
  • Passengers with a visa issued after March 31, 2020
  • Medical, food, and humanitarian aid support workers
  • Transportation (air, sea, or land) crew
  • Foreign nationals who are associated with essential work for national strategic projects such as infrastructure or constructions
  • Patients in need of emergency help
  • Passengers attending to urgent matters like death or illness in the immediate family
  • Repatriated migrant workers
  • Overseas Indonesian students

What to Prepare when Entering Bali

Besides the requirements for tourists to enter Indonesia, some documents are also required by the government of Bali from anyone traveling to Bali through Ngurah Rai Bali International Airport, including a medical certificate, either the Rapid Test or PCR Test, with a negative COVID-19 result issued at most 72 hours prior to arrival. Upon arrival, you would expect a health screening procedure at the airport or other ports of entry which may include a PCR test and you will require to quarantine at your own expense at a government-designated hotel for five days, followed by an additional period of home quarantine. You will be required to take a second PCR test while in hotel quarantine and have a negative result before proceeding to your destination.

These travel restrictions change frequently, please consult regularly with your airline for most recent information.

The Re-opening and Big Discounts in Bali

Some places in Bali that were closed have re-opened for local residents and domestic tourists, including the beaches, most major hotels, restaurants, attractions, and activities for tourists. Although it has not opened its door for international visitors, many hotels and accommodation offer "pay now, stay later" with a flexible cancellation policy with significant discounts and promotions. You can grab these while you can, as it is usually limited. Make sure to check their terms and conditions before booking.

However, some of them might not be fully operating in full hours yet, so please make sure to check their current operational hours prior to your arrival during your vacation to Bali.

Information subject to change without notice. Additional measures during the pandemic may be imposed at such short notice and specific details may change rapidly. Please contact your travel provider or your airline for further information and follow the advice of the local authorities. Updated March 25, 2021.